Pan con Queso

Bread with Cheese


Cheese Bread

Muffin de Maiz

Corn Muffin 

Grilled Steak with Fries and Eggs

Home Fries, Eggs and Sausage


Egg Omelette with French Fries


2 Pancakes


Eggs, Corn Patty with Sausage and French Fries


Eggs, Sausage, Ham, Bacon and Fries


Sweet Plantain with Melted Cheese


Cheese, Salami, Chicharron, Mangu and Dominican Style Sausage


Cheese Corn Patty with Eggs


Pork Cracklings with Mangu


Mangu, Salami, Cheese, Eggs and Dominican Style Sausage


Tostada con Mantequilla y Jelly

Toast with Butter and Jelly 

Pan con Mantequilla

Roll with Butter

Cinnamon Swirl French Toast with Butter

Tortilla de Huevo con Tocineta

Egg Omelette with Bacon

Tortilla Rellena de Papas Caseras, Cebolla, Jamon y Tomate

Tortilla Stuffed with Potatoes, Homefries, Onion , Ham and Tomatoe

Tortilla de Jamon y Queso

Ham and Cheese Omelette

Tortilla de Cebolla, Pimientos y Tomates

Omelette Onion, Peppers and Tomatoes

Tortilla rellena de Platanos Maduros

Tortilla stuffed with Sweet Plantains

Dos Huevos con Tocineta, Salchicha o Jamon

Two Eggs with Bacon, Sausage or Ham

Dos Huevos con Bisctec

Two Eggs with Grilled Steak

Sandwich de Huevo con Tocineta o Salchichas

Egg Sandwich with Bacon or Sausages

Sandwich de Huevo con Tocineta o Salchicha y Queso

Egg Sandwich with Bacon or Sausage and Cheese

Sandwich de Tocineta, Lechuga y Tomate

BLT Sandwich

Yuca con Chicharron

Yuca with Pork Rib Belly

Mangu con Chicharron

Mangu with Pork Rib Belly